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Who We Are. What We Are About.

You are here because you have a vision. We are here to see that it succeeds. We are committed to making your brand what you dream it to be.

Responsibly Envisioned Marketing is a digital marketing & consulting company based in Atlanta. We love our city and its communities. We want to see local business thrive. In an increasingly digital world the only way to make that happen is to maintain a strong internet presence. The modern consumer depends upon the web to locate goods and services. Without a powerful digital imprint your brand will miss out on that large and rapidly growing market. We will keep you online and ahead of the competition.

Digital Marketing Services


We can take a look at your marketing strategy and show you what’s working and what isn’t. We don’t speculate, we deal with the numbers. Marketing is a science; looking at conversion, click through and interaction rates. Using analytics we can help you optimize your campaign so you are getting the most bang for your buck.


Using your branding we direct your ads to the right demographic down to their exact location. We select the appropriate platforms of communication then create a timeline with your scheduled content. Whether your campaign is weeks or months long, we will ensure that you are getting the maximum interaction with your audience while honoring your budget.

Brand Development

Having strong and consistent branding is pivotal to your success. We will identify your target audience and tailor your brand to fit them. We will work with you to develop the personality of your company. The voice, look and culture that defines you and sets you apart from the competitors. From there you will have a blueprint for your marketing strategy.

Web & Graphic Design

Our professionals will work with you to build a customized website and graphics that capture the essence of your brand. We use the latest developments in web design to create a modern, user friendly platform. We can also update and maintain your website to keep you on the cutting edge of competition.

Search Engine Optimization

Using search engine optimization (SEO) we will grow the visibility of your brand by improving search engine rankings. We make sure your website is properly formatted and your brand is accurately represented in web listings.  Having higher rankings will increase consumer traffic, expanding your customer base.

Social Media Management

Sick of social media? Our team will create profiles for your brand or take over the ones that already exist so you never have to post again. We use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and  Tumblr to generate weekly original content, keeping your brand trending.

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